How We Can Boost Your Google Ranking

How We Can Boost Your Google Ranking
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To improve your Google ranking, we concentrate on many things, one of which is creating high-quality content that is tailored to your audience. 

Did you know that most people who use the internet never go beyond the first page of search results? 

Therefore, you need to boost your Google ranking if you want more exposure. But getting to the top of search results requires thinking about many other things, such as how fast your page loads and how good your content is, all of which help your site stand out from the crowd. 

This is where an SEO-focused company shines and makes your life easier. These companies help you optimize your position in search results by using strategies that align with popular user searches. Improve your Google ranks with our quality-driven strategies at Gluz. 

Curious to know how we do things? Continue reading and see how we can improve your website’s visibility on Google!

But first, What Exactly is SEO?

As you now know, we are an SEO-focused digital content agency. But first, it’s important to explain what SEO is. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an umbrella term for various techniques to boost a website’s visibility in search engine results, particularly on the first page of Google and similar platforms. The primary focus of these strategies is the quality of the content. 

A website can only achieve a desirable position in Google results along with organic traffic through high-quality content and appropriate keyword usage. As a result, higher Google rankings lead to more organic visitors, automatically boosting sales conversions.

How We Can Boost Your Google Ranking
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The importance of an expert agency

A professional SEO firm can make a huge difference in the quest for high search engine results.

We can help you improve your Google ranking by giving you the resources you need.

To do this, we zero down on five main points. Let’s see what they are: 

1. A highly trained professional team

Our SEO experts are responsible for creating top-notch content and are always learning and improving their skills.

Since there is more to maintaining a website’s SEO strategy than just producing content, our analysts will identify opportunities choose keywords, and direct your content towards your target audience.

2. Constant and relevant updates

Like other search engines, Google is always working to improve its algorithm. The major goal of these search engines remains to provide users with accurate results that correspond to their searches.

For example, Google algorithms were changed to combat clickbait in the mid of 2022.

In accordance with this, we keep a close eye on key industry trends and innovations, constantly updating our methods and knowledge to stay relevant.

3. Customized Techniques

Rankings on Google change depending on the search’s topic and the user’s interests.

Therefore, we understand the need for tailored content to connect every client and business with their specific audience.

If you choose to work with our digital marketing agency, you can be sure that at Gluz, we will customize our SEO techniques to meet your particular requirements for the business and that the results will be long-lasting.

4. Complete analysis

So, how do we come up with a personalized plan? Using all-encompassing evaluations that reveal both the current and future standings of your business in a nutshell.

Our SEO service can quickly improve a brand’s exposure and ranking because we do thorough research and develop methods compatible with market trends when a project is started.

After a thorough evaluation, we lay out a plan of action so that each client can implement the strategies that work best for them. In short, you will have complete control over your search engine strategy!

5. Quality is a top most priority

Google’s algorithm and other search engines highly value pages that correspond to user searches.

As a result, search engines are constantly being updated to match the changing needs of the industry.

Our commitment to content quality is a cornerstone of our strategic planning, allowing us to maintain a production standard that promotes long-term visibility.

Quality is a top most priority
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How can Gluz help with your improved Google ranking

One of our strengths as a digital marketing firm is the team’s expertise in content marketing strategy. We gained numerous websites in top Google ranking through comprehensive research and the implementation of efficient SEO techniques.

When you get in touch with us, you’ll have access to a team of experts who stay up-to-date on industry trends and can analyze your page thoroughly to find the best way to optimize your campaigns.

We can boost your page’s position and help your business grow quickly by concentrating on the five main aspects mentioned earlier.

Explore some of our incredible achievements, backed by a track record of success with a wide range of clients!

Example 1: Improved Google Rankings

By developing market-aligned strategies, our SEO service raises our customers’ search engine rankings. One of our customers’ projects is presented below as an example.

Searches for “car insurance price list” or “car insurance price table” on Google mostly lead to the first positioned web result for the website

Here is a snapshot of Google’s screen and the Ahrefs SEO tool below to demonstrate the page’s placement.

Improved Google Rankings
Image: Ahrefs

Improved Google Rankings

Google not only ranks in the first place but also displays more material from the site, as shown in the picture above. In this case, the meta description and SEO title are crucial in user clicks on the website.

Evidently, tag optimization is key, and our team is excellent at using this approach. Count on us to optimize tags to their fullest effectiveness to your benefit.

Example 2: Increase in organic traffic through more searched terms

It is worth mentioning yet again that our competent team has increased organic traffic to our customers’ websites. As an example, since 2017, we have been using content marketing techniques on Smartia’s website.

The site has soared to the top of Google for many competitive keywords thanks to our emphasis on SEO and complementary content strategies like link building. Smartia surpasses key rivals, including well-known insurance business websites, because of our strategic effectiveness.

See in the images:

How We Can Boost Your Google Ranking
Imagem: Analytics

From 2017 until around the middle of January 2023, the graph above shows that Smartia Seguros’s organic traffic increased by a great margin. An impressive increase in organic traffic has occurred ever since we took responsibility of content strategy.

organic traffic

Looking at the image, it’s clear that wins a very competitive term and takes first place on Google. The phrase “cheapest motorcycle insurance” has an impressive 1.1K search volumes, as reported by Ahrefs.

This further proves that our content marketing campaigns have the intended impact of elevating our companies’ search engine rankings.

Example 3: Highlights among major competitors

To stand out on Google where numerous keywords are very competitive and major sites are spending money on content campaigns, you need a competent team.

Even for the most difficult terms, we are experts at helping our customers get the best possible outcomes. Look at this example, our experience with Wondershare’s Recoverit site.

The term “recover deleted files” is quite popular, thus we took deliberate measures to generate links to it. Our guest posting partnership necessitated showcasing the phrase on reputable websites. 

We were able to get the Recoverit page to rank well for one of the most competitive niche keywords by using these strategies.

Below are some images:

Highlights among major competitors

Our team collaborated with TecMundo, a platform renowned for its remarkable metrics, to develop the guest post seen in the picture. Check the following depict to see how we skillfully integrate the client’s link and anchor text:

How We Can Boost Your Google Ranking

We help sites rank for their most important terms by using efficient techniques. Continuing with the last keyword example, let’s take a look at the following images:

Highlights among major competitors
Imagem: Ahrefs

position on GoogleIf you carefully look at the screenshots, it is evident that Recoverit Wondershare has the second position on Google while searching for the keyword “recover deleted files.” This demonstrates how beneficial it is to use right content marketing techniques in order to overcome competitors, particularly those who have great strength.

Consider a Content Marketing Agency

When a company achieves a notable position on search engines such as Google, it has the ability to increase organic traffic, which in turn may minimize the cost of attracting prospective customers. This is because organic traffic is better than paid traffic. Therefore, if you have not yet implemented a strategy in this domain, you may want to think about establishing an alliance with a content marketing firm like Gluz.

For businesses who want to improve their marketing tactics, cut down on advertising costs, and increase sales through organic traffic, Gluz is the partner of choice. The fact that we have been able to achieve a more favorable return on investment (ROI) is shown by our efficient track record of success with a variety of client base.

If you trying to broaden the scope of your brand’s reach and develop a higher level of trust with the people you intend to reach, know that Gluz is here for you! 

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