How to choose a digital marketing agency?

How to choose a digital marketing agency?
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Before choosing a digital marketing agency, paying attention to a few factors is essential. Check here what you should consider and make the right choice!

It is no exaggeration to say that we are connected all the time and that computers and cell phones have become our constant companions. In this scenario, our entire life context adapts to the digital environment, and that includes consumption.

Therefore, for most businesses, having visibility and presence on the internet is essential to retain and win new customers. The importance of digital marketing is so widespread that a profile on a social network has become the first step taken by many businesses and serves as a platform for dissemination, relationship, contact, and even sales.

But does everyone know how to use the most appropriate techniques for the business? Could it be that, sometimes, adopting strategies without having experience and the help of a specialized agency can’t become a shot in the foot? 

It is not difficult to find examples of failures in digital marketing strategies and mistakes in ventures without experts’ help. In addition, the number of existing possibilities can leave any entrepreneur at a loss regarding the best way to relate to the public and the position they should adopt on the internet.

Why do I need an agency?

In a busy market and with the buyer in the central position of the game, sound and effective marketing strategies are vital tools in building and maintaining a positive brand image in the consumer’s mind.

In this context, investing in a partnership with a digital marketing agency represents relevant benefits to leverage results aimed at sales, relationships, recognition, remembrance, and admiration of the brand by the public. 

Far beyond producing graphic materials, a digital marketing company can help with the task of the converging market, positioning, and communication strategies. It acts as a:

  • Brand management consultant;
  • Identification of the public;
  • Relationship with the consumer;
  • Construction of the marketing strategy;
  • Determining communication objectives and messaging strategy;
  • Establishment of budgets and measurement of results.

In other words, it ensures the best method and quality in informing, persuading, and retaining the customer, generating financial returns, adding value to the brand, and consolidating its image.

How to hire a digital marketing agency

To align and enhance results on the internet, it is important to analyze some aspects when choosing one of the best digital marketing agencies. Check out a list of characteristics to check before signing a contract with an agency, according to Guilherme da Luz, from the digital agency Gluz.

1. Portfolio or list of past clients

The more good material that was created by the agency you can find, the better. Check the history and other projects served by and its analyze the results.

Consider the client base that this agency serves and analyze if they have successful marketing strategies. For the agency, ask for details about what problems they solved, from the type to the path to solutions.

2. Reputation

This is a vital issue. Researching the reputation of a digital marketing company before closing a deal is essential. To read testimonials and check out detailed reviews. 

You can check it out on forums, the company’s social networks, Reclame Aqui, and even Google My Business.

3. The team

Seek information about the team that forms the agency and give preference to specialized professionals with experience in the market. Consider visiting the site and getting to know each one’s inner work.

You can also check out the team’s professional background and specializations. If the agency is physical, consider visiting and feeling the organizational climate.

4. Business Positioning

Look for an agency that has the same vision and way of operating as you. Thus, the work will flow with good rhythm and fit, making the partnership more productive and effective. 

Considering these aspects is equally important to considering the quality of the work offered.

5. The agency’s digital marketing

An excellent way to understand how an agency works is by analyzing how it uses digital marketing. This analysis gives you a broad and fascinating view of what the agency can do for your business. 

6. Accessibility

Access and communication with the agency need to be fast, easy, and efficient. A first contact accessing the company’s website, for example, in which it is not clearly understood what services it offers or how to proceed to obtain a quote, is not a good indication. 

Also, remember that in partnering with a digital marketing company, you will likely need to be in constant communication with them. So, if it doesn’t facilitate the conversation with potential clients, imagine a client with an already closed contract who wants to discuss art, for example. 

7. Transparency

Agencies that promise extraordinary results and are out of context are not a good option. Always prefer companies that work transparently and legitimately, sharing a realistic and open vision of the market and possibilities. 

It needs to present how its resources will be used through advertisements or other digital marketing tools and services. After all, part of the amount you will pay the agency is what it will use in its strategies.

8. Success case

Look for the success stories that the digital marketing company has to analyze its credibility and reliability. Thus, you will be able to define your choices better based on the type of companies it serves and the results obtained.

Know that this type of evaluation is significant for your business to prosper or not, as it measures the agency’s expertise in its niche. 

The digital agency Gluz, for example, can prove some of its success stories through a quick search on the largest search engine, Google. Search for one of your customers’ most vital keywords, and their sites already appear among the top positions.

For example, and Smartia Seguros, clients of Gluz, have been ranking on Google with several main keywords. It is worth mentioning that these keywords compete directly with large insurance companies; even so, their customers get the best positions in the search engine. Check out!

  • and Smartia Seguros, after the content marketing and SEO strategies applied by Gluz, are ranking 1 and 2 on Google. In addition, the YouTube channel follows the keyword ‘best car insurers 2021’:

How to choose a digital marketing agency?Therefore, choosing to hire a serious digital marketing agency with successful cases is very important for your business to thrive. After all, having professionals who are experts in leading brands in the first places in search engines, thus being seen by potential customers, will make the difference in your business. 

So, ready to earn more on the internet? With the tips above, you will be able to make the right choice!

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