6 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making And You Don’t Know

6 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making And You Don't Know
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Find out what are the most digital marketing mistakes made by professionals and how to do the right thing with the tips of an expert.

For Guilherme da Luz, SEO and digital marketing specialist, founder of Gluz Digital, doing internet marketing may seem simple, after all, there are those who believe that it is enough to create a text using keywords and publish it on social networks.

If indeed it were limited to those actions, anyone could publicize a company and get good results. But when you think like that you are making some digital marketing mistakes.

There are many things that are done that only serve to waste resources and end up not bringing the expected results. Get to know some of them and escape these traps with the tips of an expert in the field.

1. Not planning the marketing strategy

Marketing is not just an action, but something continuous that has objectives to be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to establish what will be done, by whom, at what time and what goal you want to achieve.

Planning is necessary to ensure that a good campaign is carried out and that the results are aligned with the company’s objectives and can even yield rewards.

Only when there is a plan, the team will know which paths to follow, without getting lost or ending up investing in actions that will not bring results.

It is worth remembering that the planning can be changed if it is perceived that there are other alternatives to what had been previously thought or according to the response of consumers and the market.

2. Fail to set the personas

Before starting to develop a digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to know for whom it will be produced. That way you can make targeted content that produces the expected effect.

Knowing the pains, characteristics, desires, and rejections of the persona will be essential in order not to make mistakes in digital marketing and to have the expected result. The action must be attractive to those you want to reach and, if necessary, create more than one persona, in order to reach a wider audience.

3. Not considering the sales funnel

One of the mistakes of digital marketing is to think that consumers are all on the same level when it comes to impulse buying.

The journey between knowing the problem and being prepared to buy is long and is divided into different stages, being necessary to understand which one the customer is in and to take specific actions for it.

When the right approach is taken at the right time, the chances of the consumer will understand that you are talking to them and move to the next level. If, on the other hand, you try to force a sale to someone who doesn’t even know you need the product, you will lose the opportunity and probably the consumer.

4. Not creating and promoting content

If you want your company to be always in the spotlight, you need to constantly create content. After all, that’s what ends up attracting people. This should use the best SEO techniques and not forget about images, after all, the internet is increasingly visual and auditory.

The content must be relevant, hence the importance of knowing the persona. Another point to think about is the periodicity, as it needs to be constant and having an editorial calendar can be of great help.

As the famous maxim “who is not seen is not remembered” was already reinforced and, to escape these digital marketing mistakes, it is necessary to publicize. Post on social media whenever something new is produced, report it on the website or blog and invest

5. Not generating and updating leads

Getting people to come to your page and get to know your brand is just one of the goals, but if you don’t generate leads, you’re making digital marketing mistakes.

It is necessary to look for ways to obtain customer data so that you can contact them later and create business opportunities.

Offer something in return like a discount or access to exclusive content to be able to assemble your lead list. It is worth emphasizing: “You should never buy this information, after all, it will be generic and not from people really interested in your product”, emphasizes Guilherme.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted is the updating of leads, as they must be segmented so that the right strategy can be worked out with each group. Also, they should be checked constantly as there may be out-of-date or incorrect emails.

Using tools to manage leads can be a good alternative to keep them organized and ensure that contact details are available.

6. Failing to measure results is one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing

It won’t do any good to have thought of all the previous steps and have made good planning and actions that are apparently incredible if the results are not measured.

It is necessary to monitor each action taken to understand if it is giving the expected return or if adjustments should be made. For this, it is recommended to establish parameters for comparison (may be with previous actions) and goals that are intended to be achieved.

Knowing which campaign is generating the most clicks, which actions convert, and the right metrics helps you avoid marketing mistakes. It is possible to measure the number of visitors and time they spend on each page. But, conversion is more important, after all, the ultimate goal is always to make a sale and not just increase the audience.

There are many digital marketing mistakes that can be made and to avoid them it is necessary to know the personas well, work on strategies and follow up on the results.

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