7 proven strategies to increase organic traffic to your website

7 proven strategies to increase organic traffic to your website
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To increase organic traffic it is necessary to invest in marketing strategies that convert. Learn some tips from an SEO expert and learn how to increase your site traffic by 170%.

Increasing organic traffic is what businesses expect, as it doesn’t require direct investment and most portal visitors come from search engines like Google and Bing.

To achieve this, posts must be among the top positions because they are the most clicked.

The big question is how to increase organic traffic with strategies that are effective. According to Guilherme da Luz, SEO specialist and founder of Gluz Digital, you can achieve good results using marketing strategies with different ideas for all types of media.

Understand a little more how to increase the organic traffic of your site through some strategies already used by the specialist in SEO and digital marketing!

1. Optimize SEO

SEO helps in ranking and for this it is necessary to select well the keywords that will be used and to make good use of them, for example, putting at the beginning of the title. In the content itself, the keyword usage must be well applied, and the article must be informative.

When using images, ensure that they do not hinder page loading and that they are named so that they refer to the theme being worked on.

Everything must be thought of so that it can help in ranking, but to also make the content more attractive to the reader.

“But don’t worry just about optimizing text with the right keywords and writing like robot, because search engines no longer like this type of content,” adds Luz.

In a job done on the website, it was possible to increase organic traffic by 135% compared to the same period of the website, for an extremely competitive niche.

The website was acquired in December 2017 and by December 2020 already had more than 600% organic accesses compared to the time of the acquisition of the portal, in addition to having improved the bounce rate, user time on the page and even more qualified leads when using the other strategies mentioned below.

Check out how the results were:

7 proven strategies to increase organic traffic to your website

2. Make quality content

It’s no use applying SEO techniques if they only serve to rank. The audience, realizing that the content does not aggregate, will leave it aside.

It is necessary to know the persona and understand its pains so that it can bring solutions to it. The more explanatory and detailed the information, the more useful it will be. So don’t be afraid to make long texts as long as they are useful.

In addition, try to bring new themes that are on the rise, otherwise it will compete with many other pages.

In the case of the work done at Smartia, we invest in partnerships with insurance companies to provide unprecedented research on price comparations. Thus the reader has access to exclusive and relevant content.

Check out an example below!

7 proven strategies to increase organic traffic to your website

The image above shows the price of insurance prices in the regions most affected by the pandemic

Image Source:

3. Work with internal links

This is a strategy to keep the reader on your blog, make them browse multiple pages, and learn more.

Whenever possible, relate the article you are producing to an existing one. For example, if you’re talking about e-commerce sales and have another article that explains how shipping works, put the link so that the reader can deepen their knowledge.

4. Share on social networks

People spend at least a few minutes a day on social media and the chances of seeing a post that piques interest is great.

The content should be appropriate depending on the location that will be published and, when you do this thinking about the persona, the chances of increasing organic traffic are great.

5. Use different media

It is currently possible to produce content in different ways. The written content is still very well accepted and should follow some rules, as we have already said. But this is not the only alternative to increasing organic traffic to your website.

Videos are gaining more and more space by bringing audio and visual together and allow you to innovate in content and how it’s worked.

See that with a certain production you can get views and likes in texts of the most varied subjects, as is the case of this video of our client

canal Seguro Auto


Audios such as podcasts are other features that can be combined.

On some blogs and websites you can already find the written version of the content and an audio option, so you have access to it at times you can’t read, for example, when you’re driving.

6. Post frequently

Your audience expects to receive new content at all times, so you need to create an editorial calendar so you can post the content on a regular basis.

Each platform has a time for the post to become obsolete. On social networks, this happens very quickly. In two days it is already outdated due to the large amount of new information coming in.

For blogs and websites there is no exact posting frequency. But texts should be updated frequently, especially if there is data. Outdated content does not generate interest in the reader, nor is it reliable for search engines.

7. Don’t dismiss email marketing

Email marketing is an old tool to increase organic traffic and ensures a good result. To do this, have an updated mailing list that’s generated with people who are really interested in your product. Never make the mistake of buying ready-made lists.

Segment the contacts you own and email them according to their profile and sales funnel steps so you can convert.

All these strategies can increase traffic to your website. But it is always necessary to measure the results to identify which strategy generates the best result so that it can intensify the actions in it.

So, now you know how to generate more visits to your website. Apply the above strategies and see how much your organic traffic will increase!

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