SEO Strategies: 4 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

SEO Strategies: 4 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website
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Here are some winning SEO strategies that we used in 2020 to increase our customers’ organic traffic and that will also be very useful in 2021!

Investing in SEO strategies is essential for anyone working with digital marketing. After all, having perfect content to offer readers makes all the difference for those looking for organic traffic.

But we know that search engines are constantly changing and that is why it is necessary to keep up to date. Thus, it is possible to guarantee a good positioning of your page in the search results.

And how is it possible to stay on top of changes, in order to increase traffic to your site? The best way is to know the main SEO strategies of 2020, which are not outdated, and which can contribute to the success of your brand in organic search.

Investing in keywords is not enough

According to Guilherme da Luz, founder of Gluz Digital and specialist in SEO for over 10 years, working with competitive and strong keywords contributes to the success of your brand. That’s because they help your page to be in the top positions of Google, in search engines.

But this is not enough for the ranking, that is, it is an essential resource, being necessary to work a whole set of SEO.

To help you, we’ve selected some SEO strategies from 2020. See what they are and how to use them!

1. Consider the user experience

Among the main SEO strategies of 2020 is to consider the user experience. That is, to achieve a good ranking, it is necessary to put it first, focusing on your experience as a reader, which must be incredible.

Therefore, focus on offering a good experience, creating an intuitive page, thinking about the architecture of your website. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the page loading speed, as well as invest in good hosting servers.

Remember that people are accessing the internet more and more through their mobile devices, such as smartphones. So, optimize your pages for this type of navigation, making the user experience better.

According to Guilherme, investing in security is paramount and should not be ignored. It is necessary to work on this issue in order to guarantee data protection. Thus, users will be able to perform secure transactions, as well as knowing that their data will be protected.

Luz still points out the need to work on the content, since it is the focal point. For him, it is necessary to make it more elaborate and complete.

2. Focus on Featured Snippets

Everyone must have noticed that Google is increasingly “human”, that is, ranking pages that speak to people and not to the robot. So, your goal is to offer what users are looking for, provide answers to them, and not generate traffic to their pages.

Therefore, Featured Snippets are quite relevant when it comes to investing in SEO strategies. Namely, it is a table with direct answers, without the user having to access another page.

Snippets, as they are also called, appear above organic links, so they are known as a zero result. For Guilherme, although some consider ignoring snippets for not converting, they are of paramount importance for your brand to be remembered and can arouse the interest of the person to know more and end up clicking.

He adds: “There are different ways to work on SEO strategies in 2020 in this field and one of them is investing in paragraphs that are objective and can answer a question”.

Luz gives an example of tables with values and information relevant to the user, especially when the user wants to compare prices. Therefore, snippets are a great help for those looking for ranking.

Zero position example

We can mention, as an example, the website of one of Gluz Digital’s customers, Smartia, which has a zero position for one of the best-selling vehicle models in 2020. Check out below:

SEO Strategies: 4 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

Guilherme da Luz and his team created structured and qualified content. Therefore, they achieved an excellent position, ahead of large insurance companies.

Luz also highlights the importance of the famous FAQs, this being another possibility, since they show the questions most asked by users, bringing direct answers.

3. Create relevant content and focus on credibility

whether or not the page is relevant. It is through them that Google sorts pages to display There are many factors that measure the quality of content, thus determining them in results.

Among them, we can mention factors such as E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), that is, level of knowledge, authority and reliability. That is, it is important that your page has a brief description in the category “About Us”. But also insert content swells in the subject, since these are more valued when compared to those made by other professionals.

In addition, investing in links that drive to the page brings more confidence to readers about it.

4. Pay attention for image and voice searches

With the advancement of technology, more and more people use the internet through mobile devices and invest in new forms of research. You need to keep track of this change and make it easier to search your users.

Namely, one of the tools that has become more popular is the search for voice. And many brands have realized the importance of investing in phrases with long tails. Therefore, short keywords are no longer important.

Regarding searches for images, in Google Lens they are gaining more and more space, even if slowly. The tool has been proving to be very useful, since it is only necessary to point the camera of the cell phone to obtain information about a certain image or scan them to transform them into text.

This tool has been gaining even more space among travelers when they carry out research on certain people or meals in a restaurant when scanning the menu.

Also, if the site is registered in Google My Business, the chances of being found are higher, as well as the most relevant results. According to Guilherme, investing in visual content contributes to SEO strategies. This is a guarantee that your page is in the results by image searches.

This does not mean that the texts will lose their importance. On the contrary, these are easier to identify. Then, add a brief description and title to each image to make it even more understandable.

It is noteworthy that the 2020 SEO strategies do not only include text content on one page. To be well ranked, the page needs to invest in additional features that answer users’ questions.

Remember that Google is increasingly attentive to improving their experience and, for that, will give priority to sites that speak to the reader.

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