Tiktok Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies for Skyrocketing Conversions

Tiktok Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies for Skyrocketing Conversions
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To market on TikTok, you need to analyze and develop strategies to ensure a space on this network that grows every day. Check out five tactics to skyrocket your conversions.

Creating marketing strategies on TikTok is the basis for content creators to succeed on this social network, a powerhouse in the digital world.

The fame of videos, courses, and entertaining videos has conquered an increasing number of Internet users.

Although entertainment companies introduced it in Brazil, creators produce content on the most diverse subjects.

Marketing on TikTok should focus on strategies for organic reach since this network has a high power of views and shares.

Because it has its forms of conversion, when a video receives many interactions, the tool itself begins to promote it. Understand.

How To Market on Tiktok

If you want skyrocketing conversions, check out these 5 TikTok marketing strategies to turn initial interest into long-lasting engagement. Here’s what to do and consider:

1. Make Sure Your Audience Is on The Platform

Before developing and inserting marketing on TikTok, you must understand if your persona or target audience is on the platform.

Even though the network’s success is resounding, a certain audience still does not identify with the network. Therefore, you need to understand if your target has an active TikTok profile.

If your persona is spread across multiple platforms, create a multichannel strategy. However, there’s no point in marketing for TikTok if the audience isn’t there.

2. Create Authentic and Original Videos

Like any digital content, posts on TikTok need to be original. The more creative and consistent your strategies, the greater the chances of the video going viral.

When considering video marketing, you need to invest in authentic and different productions to stand out in the vastness of daily publications the platform receives.

A good marketing strategy for TikTok is to create boards for the posts. And, of course, you should create content that focuses on your product, theme, service, etc.

But, showing the behind-the-scenes of the productions creates deeper connections because it is unique content and of interest to the target audience.

Another point is that, besides authenticity, the video needs to be objective. Short videos are great and have higher share rates.

Delivering a quality message within minutes is critical to succeeding in your TikTok strategies.

Tiktok Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies for Skyrocketing Conversions
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3. Partner with Influencers

It’s no news that partnering with profiles with many followers is a great tool to increase the visibility of your account.

Generally, influencers have an engaged audience that interacts significantly with their content.

Of course, this marketing strategy for TikTok increases the exposure and awareness of the page or brand. However, the choice of these influencers must be consistent with your message.

Even when hiring an influencer, you’ll have to do your part. That’s why it’s essential that you create creative and synchronized content together.

Something that also deserves to be highlighted is the paid ads, the famous TikTok Ads. If you have a business profile, you can create ads with greater reach and aimed at your audience segmentation.

4. Invest in Entertaining Advertising

Still on the issue of advertisements, TikTok began its success in Brazil with short and entertaining videos. This practice continues to be well accepted by the public.

Advertising on social media requires the content to be informative and, at the same time, light. It’s a mix between arousing attention and keeping the audience’s focus.

Research what similar profiles are applying and follow international brand accounts for ideas.

Use your daily life to advertise, show your behind the scenes, or tell a funny story that was solved or could have been avoided by using the product or service to which the advertisement refers.

In short, use your imagination to stand out from the competition.

To get a new audience’s attention, include the trending songs. This is a good marketing strategy for TikTok to attract new followers.

5. Produce Videos in The Measures of The Social Network

There’s nothing more detrimental to posts than videos not having the network-specific metrics.

When it comes to TikTok, specifically, all videos need to be produced vertically and in the 9:16 format.

The best editing apps or programs already make it possible to scale content to this resolution.

This recommendation is important because, in this way, the content will cover the entire screen space, ensuring a better experience. In addition, of course, to retain the attention of your audience.

By preparing content in the exact dimensions of the network, there is a greater chance of this content recurring in the users’ feeds.

Finally, the more accessible the content, the greater its reach. Videos with captions enable digital accessibility to all types of audiences.

In addition to this issue, subtitles favor understanding, especially regarding a tutorial or a recipe.

How Applying SEO To Videos Will Help Your Conversions
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And you, did you already know these tips? Start by inserting them into your posts and see how marketing on TikTok will boost conversions.

How Applying SEO To Videos Will Help Your Conversions

If you’ve never heard of the importance of SEO techniques for videos, know that it will greatly help your channel. To make your film be found by users, reaching more and more of your audience, invest in:

  • Add the file name: Enter the main keyword when naming your file before uploading it to the social network.
  • Make the description: This will help search engines find your video. Don’t forget to use the main keywords, depending on the theme and the hashtags. Be objective and use the CTA.
  • Create a catchy title: To further help with marketing on TikTok, insert the main keyword at the beginning. Also, pay attention to the maximum character limit.

Our team uses this and other SEO strategies on TikTok to attract more visitors.

Here’s an example:

SEO techniques for videos

In the image, you can see that some strategies have been inserted, such as primary and secondary keywords, CTA and the most relevant hashtags.

So, are you ready to achieve more visibility with your videos? Invest in marketing strategies on TikTok.

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