You Make it Beautiful| Avon

Project Details

Avon, the company for women, is one of the leading global beauty companies , with over ten billion dollars ($10B) in annual revenue and has more than 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives around the globe. Avon’s “Ignite” initiative puts the focus on the consumer and the Avon representatives around the world with the “You make it Beautiful” campaign. The objective was to build and strengthen brand love, both among the representatives who sell the Avon products and the consumers who use them. I was invited by the agency World Writers to help to transcreate and adapt the ads for the Brazilian Industry, and was tasked with keeping the tone and the poetic content of the original campaign untarnished. Together, we produced TVCs, Print Ads, a Manifesto, Fashion & Home Shop Names, Catalogues, and Tagline. Tagline: “Você faz a beleza acontecer”.

Client: World Writers / Avon

Tasks: Transcreation, Copywriting, Back-translation, Rationales

Website: AvonAvon Cosmetics Magazine